Music returns

After months of silence the music echoes again within the silent white walls of the Convent of San Salvatore, headquarters of the Custody of the Holy Land, notes full of joy and hope.

The Magnificat Institute, which, due to the provisions linked to Covid-19, had immediately offered lessons on the various online platforms, today has undertaken, after months, a partial reopening to gradually guarantee lessons in the classroom, while maintaining an online part dedicated to those who have difficulty in reaching the headquarters. Professors and students followed one another this morning between the offices and classrooms, filling the Institute's premises with joy and enthusiasm.

In the first place, complete respect for the rules of the Ministry of Health. All the classrooms are equipped with hand sanitizing gel, the professors are equipped with a mask or protective mask, only the larger rooms of the Institute are used, adequately sanitized and the lessons are held considering the rules regarding social distancing.

The Director, Fr. Alberto Pari, continues to inform himself personally from students and employees about the state of health of relatives and acquaintances and - so far - no one has had cases of Corona Virus positive in the family or the circle of their knowledge. It seems that there are all the requirements to return to normal because of the end of year exams that the Director hopes to be able to do for each student at the headquarters.