Music of Ein Karem

December 21st 2018

A special Christmas concert

According to Christian tradition, John the Baptist was born in Ein Karem, today an enchanted village just outside Jerusalem. Because of its history and gorgeous landscapes, Ein Karem is a destination favored by local and foreign visitors. Among the churches and the buildings of notice stands the Church of Saint John the Baptist built by the Crusaders, destroyed by the army of Saladin and restored by the Franciscans starting from the 17th century. 

In in this location where faith and history meet, the Magnificat was invited to give a Christmas concert attended a large audience of locals and tourists. The concert saw the participation of the Vocal Ensemble (Giuliana Mettini, Fr. Alberto Pari, Eleonora Lue' e Tareq Whaba) and the Ensemble curated by piano teacher Katia Samson. The program included Christmas traditional tunes and classical pieces. 

This musical event represented a good opportunity for the Magnificat to present itself to new audiences and to strengthen its presence in the Jerusalem area. After all the city features in the name of the school!