The Association Friends of the Magnificat celebrates 10 years

September 21st - 24th 2018

Students and teachers of the school visit Cremona, Varese, and Lugano

The students of the Magnificat Basel Awwad (piano), Tamara Ghrayeb (violin), Sweem Tawil (violin) and, Eleonora Lue' (voice, soprano), accompanied by the teachers Tanya Beltser (violin, head of pre-academic courses at the Magnificat Institute), Maria Spitkovsky (piano) and, Giuliana Mettini (voice, Vice-Director of the Magnificat Institute) went on a concert tour that ended on Monday September 24th. The group was also accompanied by Fr. Alberto Pari, OFM, the director general of the school.

Students and teachers gave two concerts: the first one on Saturday, September 22, 2018, at 9 pm at Villa Cagnola, Gazzada, Varese (Italy) and the second on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 at 16.00 at the Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola, Lugano (Switzerland). The 2018 edition of the AAM tour of the Magnificat was deliberately festive: the AAM, in fact, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

On September 19 students and teachers of the Magnificat Institute traveled to Cremona, where they were welcomed by a violin maker of the Consortium of Violinmakers for a demonstration on the construction of the instruments.

The concert, on September 22, was the last seasonal event of the musical cycle "Music in the Villa" organized every year by Dr. Angelo Carabelli with the "Proloco" Association of Gazzada Schianno at Villa Cagnola. The AMM and the Magnificat Institute, for some years now, have become regular guests. Also this year, the 200-person hall was filled, with many people standing, all enthusiastically listening and encouraging the young talents from Jerusalem. Presented by Mons. Eros Monti, by P. Alberto Pari and by Véronique Nebel, the concert featured young students, accompanied by their teachers, and was very well received by the audience. After the encore, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the AAM, the AAM offered a festive reception to all those present. For the occasion, a special cake was baked and candles were blown to the sound of the song "Happy birthday AAM"!

On Sunday, September 23, the students and their teachers gave a concert in the splendid Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola. Before the event, the guests, very numerous, watched the documentary "Magnificat, by grace received", made by the AAM with the Magnificat Institute, in order to illustrate, with images, the daily life of the school and its history. The concert was followed by a rich, festive refreshment.

Luca Medici, Director of the School of Music of the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana expressed his desire to collaborate with the music school of the Custody. 

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[Véronique Nebel]