Liturgical events

Christmas 2018

December 2018 - January 2019

The Custody Choir accompanies the holy celebrations

The choir of the Custody of the Holy Land accompanies the most important events of the liturgical calendar. Directed by Magnificat graduate and teacher Hani Kreitem, the choir is composed of members of religious orders and lay people from both Jerusalem and abroad. 

The highlight of the Christmas period festivities was the choir's performance during the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass at St. Catherine's Church in Bethlehem. The event sees the participation of personalities and dignitaries from around the world and is one of the most felt of the liturgical calendar. On January 1st, the choir sang at the Pontifical Mass of the Latin Patriarchate, the new year mass for peace in the world. On January 6th, the Epiphany, the choir returned to Bethlehem for the mass in St.Catherine's. The next day, January 7th, marking the baptism of Christ, the choir traveled to the Jordan River where the solemn was celebrated. 

The Custody Choir is looking for new voices. If you like singing please get in touch with us by writing to