16th Magnificat “Nikolaus de la Flüe” piano competition

February 1th 2015

The Magnificat “Nikolaus de la Flüe” Piano Competition 2015: the day of the winners

The 16th Edition of the Magnificat Piano Competition “Nikolaus de la Flüe” took place on Friday January 30 and Sunday February 1 in the Immaculata Hall in St. Saviour’s Monastery, Jerusalem. This event also launches the celebrations for the 20th Anniversary, founded in 1995 by Fr. Armando Pierucci.

It all started on Friday January 30 with the auditions. A Jury formed by the Dr. Brent Jones (Piano Professor and Concert Assistant in BYU Jerusalem Centre), Fr. George Lewet (Organist of the Nativity Church), Fr. Markus Bugneir (Director of the Austrian Hospice), Mrs. Inna Dudakova (Organist of the Anglican Church), Mr. Gunther Martin (Music Director of the Redeemer Church), and the pianist Mrs. Rina Shechkter, had the hard task to select the best pianists in each one of the 10 categories of the Competition.

The following Sunday, February 1, a huge crowd gathered in the Immaculata  Hall to hear the performance of the young men and women chosen by the jury two days before. Addressing the packed hall, Ms. Véronique Nebel, President of the Association “Amici del Magnificat” in Switzerland, main sponsor of the event, introduced the Winners’ Concert by highlighting the value and importance of the Piano Competition as part of the mission of the Magnificat Institute.