Wind Festival 2018

March 1st 2018

The day of the trumpets, flutes, horns, bassoons

The “Winds’ Evening” was an event dedicated to the wind instruments. Starting at 6 pm, at the Immaculata Auditorium, students and teachers of the Magnificat’s wind department played compositions of Baroque music composed by celebrated names of classical music like Bach, Tartini, Telemann, Purcell, and Lully. Between one piece and the other, the teachers animated interesting discussions about the wind instruments of the Baroque period. The audience responded with interest and curiosity.

The evening opened with a performance of Tartini’s “Concert for Trumpet in Re Major” by teacher Eugene Ratner (trumpet) accompanied at the piano by the vice director of the Magnificat, Fr. Alessandro Milucci.

Various ensembles composed of students and professors completed the program: the young clarinetist Shames Srour performed together with Sebastien Masson (trumpet). Caterina D’Agnanno and teacher Idit Shemer (recorder) presented a delicate interpretation of the Allemande by Purcell. Laurice Amer, getting better by the day, played a piece by Loeillet while Marianne Baddour, one of the talents of the Magnificat, captured the attention of the audience with the sounds of the mighty bassoon.

The evening ended with the duo Shemer/Ashdot graciously performing the Sonata in Mi Minor by Loeillet.