String Festival 2018

February 23rd - 25th 2018

A weekend of strings

This year, at the Magnificat Institute, we have decided to change things a little: the prestigious “String Competition,” celebrated for 9 long years, has been paused for the time being and its place was taken by the “String Festival”, a weekend completely dedicated to the study and appreciation of the string instruments.

Open to all the students of the violin, viola, cello and guitar courses of the Magnificat, the Festival represented an opportunity to perform on stage, to attend workshops and to play together with the teachers of the institute.

Friday, February 23, the first day, was dedicated to the Musical Marathon: all the students of the string instruments, one after the other, played for an audience composed by parents, friends, pilgrims and simply curious passers-by. Starting at 9 am, the marathon continued until 5 in the afternoon, turning the austere hall of the Immaculata into a joyous carillon!

Saturday, February 24 was the day of the workshops. Professors Jamil Freij and Lucia D’Anna presented and played ancient baroque instruments while the violin maker Lev Strinkovsky showed how to make a violin.

Sunday, February 25, the last day of the festival, students, and teachers performed together. Introduced by Fr. Alberto J. Pari, the concert featured the Magnificat orchestras, directed by Robert Canetti, and other ensembles made up by the teachers Bella Canetti, Fabienne van Eyck, Lucia D’Anna and Tanya Beltzer together with some of the best students of the institute like Habib Sabbara, Tali-Aisha Bouris, the Ibrahim Brothers, Ivan Adbel-Malak and Faheem Khoury.

At the end of the evening, standing in front of the clapping audience, Fr. Alberto awarded certificates of participation to all the students.