Piano Festival 2018

March 2nd - 16th 2018

The piano on stage

The Piano Festival of the Magnificat is an event that brings the music of the Institute of the Custody of the Holy Land to the city of Jerusalem. One of the salient moments of the event was the series of the “Home Concerts” which were hosted at the house of the students. A group of families accepted to participate in this initiative and so the pianists of the Magnificat Institute brought their talents to the neighborhoods of Beith Hanina, Beith Safafa, Wadi Joz, Pisgat Ze’ev, French Hill and even Ramallah.

Beyond the music, the “Home Concerts” have strengthened the ties between the students’ families and tightened the network of relationships that have been built around the Magnificat.

Another significant moment of the Piano Festival was the concert of the students and teachers who played together (4 or 6 hands) compositions from the classical piano repertoire. A thunderous applause greeted the duo Samson-Spitkovsky whose virtuosity won over the audience while Jiries Boullata and the student Basel Awwad electrified the hall with the dizzying pace of the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Liszt.

The gentle Allamoumi, proposed by Mirjam Younan and Maria Habash was followed by the energetic Danse Macabre of Saint-Saëns played on two pianos by Ala Lewin, Katerina Rofa, Justeen Kort and Katia Samson.

At the end of the concert, Fr. Alberto thanked everyone present and distributed well-deserved certificates of participation to all the students who featured in the festival.

The Piano Festival ended in the best possible way: a masterclass open to all the piano students of the Magnificat, offered by the celebrated pianist Oxana Yablonskaya, a former professor of the prestigious Julliard of New York and an internationally renowned concert artist.