The music of Christmas

December 16th 2018

All your favorite Christmas tunes in one concert

This year the Magnificat celebrated the Christmas season and the beginning of the New Year with a series of festive concerts that saw the participation of all the students of the Institute.

The busy calendar of the events was inaugurated on December 8 with a performance for winds and percussions. The students of Eugene Ratner (brass), Idit Shemer (flute), Hagai Ashdot (flute), Yoav Lifshitz (percussions) and Alexander Fine (bassoon), played classical compositions and Christmas pieces. On December 15 it was the turn of Fabienne van Eck's students who presented a program dedicated to the cello. The pupils of Robert and Bella Canetti (violin and viola) delighted the audience with their concert of December 18 while the Monthly Concert, the monthly rendezvous with the most talented students of the Magnificat, took place on December 19. On December 22 the students of Ala Lewin proved themselves with extraordinary renditions of the piano's immortal classics.

But the central event of the festivities was the traditional Christmas Concert (December 16): all the choirs together with the solfeggio students of the Magnificat sang carols and hymns belonging both to the Western and Arabic tradition.

The children of the Buds Choir, directed by Mirjam Younan, were the opening act of the concert. Dressed in red and wearing Santa hats, the very young singers filled the Immaculate Hall with the joy for the upcoming festivity. After the Buds, it was the turn of the teenagers of the Yasmeen Choir, directed this year by Giuliana Mettini. What a wonderful performance! The Yasmeen sang the Christmas classics with sensitivity and refinement avoiding the sugary affectation that often taints the rendition of Christmas songs.

The Vocal Ensemble (Giuliana Mettini, Fr. Alberto Pari, Eleonora Lue’ and Tareq Wahba) conquered the hearts of the audience with the high quality of its performance. Eleonora and Tareq are academic students of Giuliana Mettini and this ensemble is a source of pride for the music school of the Custody.

The concert ended with all the solfeggio students who, conducted by Hani Kreitem, performed the classic Christmas song of the Arab Christians Layla Al Milad (Christmas night), a simple piece that, nonetheless, helps to grasp the miracle of 2000 years of faith of the Christians living in the Middle East.  

Outside the convent of St. Saviour, the Magnificat gave concerts at the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum and at the Church of John The Baptist in Ein Kerem. Whether pilgrims, students or just inhabitants of the city, also this year the music of the Magnificat has brought happiness and joy to all its listeners.