The Magic Lamp 2018

October 28th 2018

The children sing in Arabic

On a Sunday afternoon at the end of October, while outside Jerusalem’s autumn colored the sky a pale blue, the Immaculate Hall lost its austere look and filled itself with children, colored balloons and drawings.

The occasion was the Magic Lamp concert, the festival that celebrates Arabic songs for children. For the first time this year, the best songs of all the previous 13th editions of the event were presented.

On stage, the children of the Magnificat Buds Choir sang together with students from the Schmidt School in Jerusalem under the direction of Mirjam Younan. The songs, introduced by the co-director of Buds Nadine Shaheen and composed specifically for the event, tell about the school, the family, nature, and friendship, translating into music the everyday life of the children who grow up in Jerusalem.

And like life which is full of happy and exciting moments, so the concert evoked the range of emotions that accompanies us every day when we interact with the world.

Supported by a terrific Basel Awwad at the piano, the voices of the choir built a sonic fresco in which the listener was able to visualize not only his childhood but also the hope of the future. The children on stage, in fact, represent the future of Jerusalem and the Magic Lamp songs function like a diary in which they sketch an image of the world that they dream to build.