Kids sing for the Magic Lamp

October 22nd 2017

A concert of new songs at the Magnificat

The 13th edition of the Magic Lamp ended with a distribution of sweet treats to all the members of the Magnificat Buds Choir, the young protagonists of the evening. Conducted by Mirjam Younan and accompanied at the piano by Hani Kreitem and Jiries Boullata, the Buds Choir sang nine songs written specifically for this event. The Magic Lamp is, in fact, a festival of unpublished songs in Arabic for children. Every year new songs are learned, performed in concert and collected in a volume curated and produced by the Magnificat. The volume is then distributed to all the schools in the region. And so, aside from being a concert, the Magic Lamp is also an educational and cultural project whose goals are the promotion of Arabic songs for children and the conservation of a prestigious and rich musical tradition. 

The concert took place in the Auditorium Immaculatæ in front of a large audience made up of students, parents, and tourists. The director of the Magnificat, Fr. Alberto J. Pari opened the event with a speech remembering the glorious history of the Magic Lamp and both the popularity and significance of the publications produced by the Festival—which are used even by universities.

Then, Fr. Alberto (also composer of one of the songs performed) introduced every piece, telling its story. Having been composed for children, the themes of the songs are those connected to childhood like the school, mum and dad, friendship, readings, the rain…

During the performance, illustrations inspired by the songs were projected on a big screen. The author of the illustrations is Italian graphic designer Gianpaolo Derossi.

The succession of joyous rhythmic compositions and meditative and lyrical pieces was greeted with enthusiasm by the audience, which responded with big rounds of applause.

Also this year, the Magic Lamp celebrated the encounter between the musical tradition and the future, represented by the children. It’s a fruitful encounter that needs to be supported because in this way not only we guarantee the continuity between generations but also we build a community inspired by the beauty of music.