Ayyar 2018

May 3rd - 24th 2018

The Spring Music Festival of the Magnificat returns to delight us

Clarita Tabri lifts her hand from the keyboard: weightless, the hand remains suspended in mid-air while the melody composed by Chopin spreads slowly in the space of the concert hall until it dissolves. A loud applause fills the silence.

This, described above, was one of the many moments that made the second edition of the Ayyar festival, organized by the Magnificat Institute, a memorable one.

Ayyar is an Arabic term that means “May”; the festival, in fact, takes place every Thursday of the month of May and represents for the institution of the Custody of the Holy Land an opportunity to introduce its best students to the public.

Students enrolled in the academic course that the Magnificat organizes together with the “Arrigo Pedrollo” Conservatory in Vicenza, shared the stage with the pre-academic pupils and their teachers. The mezzo-soprano Eleonora Lue’ and the bass Tareq Wahabe conquered the audience with the strength of their voices while Jamil Freij at the spinet sang Monteverdi, enchanting everyone present. Claire Ghazzawi, on the other hand, showed a remarkable stage presence with her interpretation of Pergolesi. 

All the realities that make up the Magnificat, performed on the stage of the Immacultæ Auditorium, in front of a loyal audience. Introduced by the director Fr. Alberto J. Pari, the concerts saw the participation of the cello quartet led by Fabienne van Eck, of the choirs of the Magnificat (conducted by Mirjam Younan and Hani Kreitem), of the amazing pianists Fadi Sabat and Basel Awwad, of the guitars of Maya Dabit and William Obeid, of the flutes of Laurice Amer, Hagai Ashdot and Idit Shemer. 

These are just a few of the artists who featured in the program of the festival: an endless gallery of young enthusiasts who played pieces by the great composers of classical music without forgetting contemporary melodies like the poignant Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, interpreted with great sensitivity by guitarist Berj Gejekhoushian or the famous I feel pretty by Leonard Bernstein sang with grace by Immaculada Elena Guil.

The last concert (24 May) was dedicated to the school's orchestras. A project curated by Robert and Bella Canetti, the orchestras are the visible proof of how music unites people. In fact, at the Magnificat, in addition to music, children, and adults, students and professors of all religions and ethnic backgrounds learn to live together in harmony.